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Tangga Lagu KPop Korea Terbaru April Maret 2012

Tangga Lagu KPop Korea Terbaru April Maret 2012 - Pencinta daram korea sekaligus pencinta K-Pop Korea terbaru. Berikut ini saya memiliki tangga lagu K-pop Korea April Maret 2012. Berikut beberapa Tangga Lagu Korea Terbaru yang penulis dapatkan dari sumber informasi online yang terpercaya dan akurat:

1: To Turn Back Hands of Time, Lyn
2: I Need You, K.Will
3: Fiercely, F.T Island
4: I’ll Think of You

5: Lovey-Dovey, T-ara
6: Did You Forget, Lee Seung-Chul
7: Heaven, Ailee
8: When I Can’t Sing, Se7en
9: Know Your Name, Jay Park
10: Love Over Thousand Years, Lee Young Hyun
11: Because I am Afraid, Na Yoon Kwon & Baek Ji Young
12: Grasshopper, SunnyHill
13: I Will Love You, Hyorin
14: Touch, miss A
15: Sorrow, 10cm
16: NanrinA, Block B
17: I Knew It, Beast
18: I Want To Kiss You, Jung Yup
19: Shadow, Monday Kiz
20: I Hate Myself, K.Will
21: Moonlight Sets, Heora
22: You and I, IU
23: Dirty, Miryo (of Brown Eyed Girls)
24: Trouble Maker, Hyun A & machsa Jang Hyun Seung
25: Road of Tears, Whee Sung
26: To You (Original Ver.), Kim Keu Rim
27: Hello To Myself, Yenny (of Wonder Girls)
28: Going Crazy, Teen Top
29: Even When I Close My Eyes, Kim Bo Kyung
30: Hit U, Dalshabet
31: We Used To Be In Love, Davichi & T-ara
32: Jaywalking, Sung Joon
33: Whoz That Girl, EXID
34: Text Message, Mario
35: To Live, NoelSaturday
36: It’s War, MBLAQ
37: No One Else But You, Jang Jae In
38: Without You, Dynamic Duo
39: Dreams Of Becoming a Tree, Park Ji Yoon
40: The Romantic, Two Months
41: Synchro 100%, Block B
42: I Have a Lover, Kim Bum Soo
43: Living Without You, Yong Jun Hyung (of Beast)
44: The Loverville, J-Cera

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